The Milkwood workspace for those with limited mobility and wheelchair users is well under way.

This spring and summer has seen huge advances in the woods. With the help of our Thursday groups and the use of some funding from The National Lottery Community Funds awarded us last year, we’ve built a toilet/shower room soon to have hot water washing facilities and well on the way to building a roundhouse style workspace.

The workspace is a 6 meter wide octagon with a reciprocal roof, with interlocking timbers that support themselves. Those timbers, as you can see below, will be covered with 1“ thick boards supporting a rubber membrane. Some of the eight sides will be made solid and others left open with many having seating built in. Eventually a suspended fire pit which can be used to cook on will be made.

Its been a very positive thing for those helping to be involved in, from marking out the foundations to it’s current state. Giving is all a sense of satisfaction, knowing what we’ve built will enable others to come and enjoy the space to be creative and share.